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Sesame Honey Long Beans

One of my favorite oils to cook with sesame oil. It’s so flavorful by itself and can really help add amazing flavor to new veggies. I love long beans and they’re easy to cook and add as a side, but sometimes it’s nice to add some more flavor. Hope you all enjoy this Sesame honey…

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Melon Agua Fresca with Mint

I tend to be fiery by nature. I’m much more comfortable in snow than sun. Since Houston isn’t exactly my ideal climate, I have plenty of methods in place to keep cool. In order to stay hydrated and get a little cooling action at the same time, I use mint and lime a lot throughout…

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Roasted Eggplant “Bharta”

I love eggplant in every form I have ever had it in. This is one of my favorite recipes that I grew up eating eggplant as “bharta”. It means a mash. The roasting gives it a lovely flavor. I roasted the Loam Agronomics eggplant in my oven for this recipe but if its done on…

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Prosciutto Cantaloupe Skewers

I am always looking for a simple appetizer that I can quickly throw together when we have friends over. Lately, this recipe has been my go-to because it seriously takes no time. I also love a mix of salty and sweet and this hits the spot. ingredients 1 package of prosciutto (make sure the ingredients…

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Long Bean Turkey Curry

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.” The crockpot isn’t automatically a summertime go-to, but life is still busy in the summer and the crock pot is a great way to cut back on hands-on time without cutting back on nutrition and flavor. This easy curry dish is light, colorful and filling and…

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Roasted Sweet Pepper Walnut Dip

I used to find sweet peppers and bell peppers a little abrasive…until I learned to roast them. It intensifies their sweetness and really rounds out the flavors. Though they are great on their own, every now and then I like to blend them up with some soaked walnuts for a killer dip. I’ve been enjoying…

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Crispy Roasted Okra

Okra has always been one of my favorite vegetables. Many people I meet or cook for have not or had not fallen in love with it, because it can be tricky to cook. If not fried then sometimes it turns up as a sticky and gooey mess. This oven roasted crispy okra is my favorite…

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Coconut Milk Braised Long Beans

Long beans were one of the first new-to-me items I remember buying at a farmers market many moons ago. I was instantly drawn in by their snake-like appearance. Though they taste very similar to green beans, they retain their firmness and crunch a bit more when cooked. For this bunch of long beans I decided…

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Paleo Fried Okra

Being from the south, I grew up on having fried foods. After going paleo, I missed fried Okra and went looking for an alternative. I wanted something that was paleo but tasted the same. I think this recipe hits the spot, you’ll never know it’s paleo. Enjoy! ingredients FOR THE OKRA: 2 cups of okra,…

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Summer Squash Tacos with Papalo Guacamole

Being an anthropologist in a former life, every time I find a new-to-me fruit or vegetable, I look up its history and uses. Papaloquelite (or “papalo” for short) is native to Mexico and South America and is mainly used in salsas or as a garnish to tacos and other dishes. In Bolivia, it’s common to…

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