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Roasted Butternut Soup with Herb Croutons

When the weather begins to finally start backing away from the 100 degree mark, I ready my store of fall and winter recipes. Soups are pretty prevalent among my favorites for fall. This version relies heavily on the sweet and earthy flavors of roasted butternut squash. To make the soup extra comforting and filling, it’s…

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Summer Breakfast Hash

As we near the end of summer and fall starts to tease that our temperatures may eventually dip out of the 90s, I begin to crave more substance in my meals. I rely more on cooked foods and less on raw foods and hardy herbs like sage and rosemary creep back onto my plate. Consider…

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Simple Instant Pot Blue Hubbard Squash

I know it’s not winter yet, but I am holding out hope for cooler days. I can’t wait for soup and cooking in the kitchen without sweating. While I dream of those days, I’ve turned to my favorite, winter squash, specifically the blue Hubbard squash. It’s delicious and has a hint of sweetness, perfect for…

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Sauteed Cowpea Greens and Squash

This year has been wonderful in terms of trying new vegetables! Thanks to the wonderful farmers at Loam Agronomics I got to try Cow peas and this week’s CSA box is going to have Cow pea greens. I was so fortunate to try some out last night. Of course first I tasted them raw, they…

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Chilled Summer Pepper Soup

I love peppers and this year thanks to Loam Agronomics I have had an amazing pick of local summer peppers. This picture doesn’t even cover the variety or include any of the hot ones! Definitely doesn’t share the incredible flavors.For this chilled summer pepper soup I picked out 4 red peppers and roasted them to…

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Barbeque Baked Beans

I have always loved a good barbeque sauce, but when I stopped eating meat, I sort of left it behind. I had nearly forgotten about it until I was planning what to do with my freshly shelled dried beans. So, I combined the two for an easy and filling dish. I like to cook my…

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Garlic Okra

I love okra but always struggle with ways to cook it. Fried okra is my favorite but it can be time-consuming. I decided to try just sautéing it and decided, it’s the perfect side dish for dinner or lunch. Quick and easy, but most importantly, full of flavor. ingredients Okra, diced into small bits 2…

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Chai Spiced Winter Squash Butter

Fall is my favorite of the seasons. The leaves begin to flirt with color changes and the wind smells different, crisper somehow. My favorite way to bring a little fall into whatever season I’m in is with spices. I’ve paired chai spices with sweet and earthy winter squash for a delicious and thick butter. You…

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Sesame Honey Long Beans

One of my favorite oils to cook with sesame oil. It’s so flavorful by itself and can really help add amazing flavor to new veggies. I love long beans and they’re easy to cook and add as a side, but sometimes it’s nice to add some more flavor. Hope you all enjoy this Sesame honey…

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Melon Agua Fresca with Mint

I tend to be fiery by nature. I’m much more comfortable in snow than sun. Since Houston isn’t exactly my ideal climate, I have plenty of methods in place to keep cool. In order to stay hydrated and get a little cooling action at the same time, I use mint and lime a lot throughout…

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