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we are committed to growing our food and our business in the utmost sustainable manner.

Conventional agriculture has left more than just a bad taste in our mouths. We’re doing our best to change all of that with a model that’s to the scale of larger “conventional” farms, but with a focus on doing right by you and by the earth.

agronomics [ag-ruh-nom-iks] – the science of soil management and the production of field crops

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our members

Being a member at Loam is about so much more than vegetables. We take the responsibility to grow food quite seriously and want to invite our members to engage in all aspects of the eating process. To reach this end, we provide our members with access to vegetable storage information, recipes, our members-only newsletter and nutritional information.

core members

If you’re interested in an even deeper relationship with the food you eat, we encourage you to become a Core Member. Core Members commit to a year’s worth of share purchases, occasional volunteering at the farm and attending our yearly Core Members Meeting where we discuss the state of the farm. To join as a Core Member please select “Farm Share-Core Membership” when selecting your share.

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Are you organic?
What does it mean when you say you are sustainable?
What type of labor do you use on the farm?
Where is Richmond
When can I visit the farm?

Can I bring a group to the farm?
What is a CSA
What comes in the box?
How many people does a box serve?
Does the produce in the box always come from the farm?
Can I customize what comes in my box each week?
Are there add-ons?
Do I take the actual physical box that my produce comes in home?

Do you offer multiple share sizes?
Do you reuse your boxes?
How often do you deliver?
How do I get my box?
Do you deliver boxes to my front door?
Where are your drop sites?
What is the process for picking up my box at the drop site?
How do I change my pickup location?
What happens when I can’t pick up my box?
Can I pick up on the farm?
What happens if I go out of town?

How much does the CSA cost?
Why do I have to pay in advance?
What if I want/need to cancel my subscription early?
Do you give refunds?
Will I receive information about my box and how to use it?
How do I cancel?
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