Loam is a type of healthy soil used to grow the tastiest of veggies. “Agronomics” is a way of looking at agriculture that considers the future of our farm and community.

Community-Supported Agriculture

At our 288-acre farm in Richmond, TX , we sustainably grow bountiful amounts of vegetables and herbs for our community. What is Community-Supported Agriculture, you ask? Well, it’s simply the timeworn practice of paying your local farmers now, in order for them to grow the veggies you eat in the future, because, while we use cutting edge science at the farm, we haven’t been able to figure out how to grow money on trees…



here’s how it works


from our farm

We grow a wide variety of seasonal veggies, fruits & herbs throughout the year using sustainable methods.


to a drop-site

Select from a variety of lovely, local businesses and other locations where you can pick up your share each week.


to your kitchen

Pick up your share and enjoy the benefits of farm-fresh veggies in each homemade meal you make (using provided recipes or your own!)


per week

with recurring payments


per week

delivered to your drop-site


veggies per box

seasonal staples & peculiarities


Pay 4, 12, 26, or 52 weeks at a time. Skip or cancel anytime.



why loam?

when you choose loam, you support…


regenerative farm practices

next generation farmers

our houston community

our local economies



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